Curly Hair


I would love to get my trained hands on your curly locks! I received DevaCurl training, which taught me how to cut curly and wavy hair in a unique way that will make your curls look and feel their best!

Curly hair is completely different from naturally straight hair, and it should be treated differently! Did you know that special cutting techniques could help define your curls and make them more manageable? It’s true!

‪Curl expert and bestselling author Lorraine Massey, known as the original curly girl, created DevaCurl. Lorraine started a curl revolution from the streets of SoHo in New York City, and soon began sharing her products and training stylists on her effective cutting techniques. I’ve received that training and will take fabulous care of your curls.


It all starts with a great cut. DevaCurl stylists undergo unique training that teaches them how to cut and style the special texture of curly hair. The special cutting techniques help to define and separate curls, making them easier to style and manage.

Next comes the styling technique. After you receive a DevaCurl cut, I’ll teach you their unique styling and detangling technique. Your curls will be naturally bouncy, defined, and easy to work with.

DevaCurl also offers incredible products. Did you know that regular shampoo strips curly hair of its much-needed moisture? That dehydration leads to fizzy days and frustrated curls. Their amazing curly hair products are actually healthy for you, too! DevaCurl products are 100% free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone. That’s good for you and the environment, what a plus!​


“I couldn’t believe the difference! My hair is so much easier and faster to style after the DevaCurl cut! Thank you so much for making me love my curls!” –Shelly

“I have done my hair twice – each time I have made it look just like my stylist did it. I have mixed in a little hair milk with my Deva gel to get the curls softer, but it looks great. I am still working on my second-day hair, but overall I am really pleased with it. Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else was thinking about having a curly cut.” –Jen