Hair Extensions

Ever wondered those luscious locks of celebrities? That is the magic of best clip in hair extensions and other types of hair extension or weaves. Hair extensions are a great way to make any type of hair style. In a matter of few minutes to few hours you can have a new decent hair style.

These hair extensions can be made up of real human hair or from synthetic fiber material. Based on the method of applying on to your hair these are known as clip in hair extensions, sewn in hair extensions, gel or glue in hair extensions. We have prepared an ultimate hair extension comparison guide to help you find the best hair extensions.

Hair ExtensionModelTypeRatingCost

20" Styleable Soft Waves Hair Extensions
clip in hair extensions3.8$50

TRESSMATCH 20"-21" Clip in Remy(remi) hair Extensions
Human Hair4.3$90

Clip In Human Hair Extensions 18"
Clip In4.4$99

130g-160g 16" 18" 20" 22 Inch True Double Weft Thick Full Head Set
clip in human hair 4.3$55

What are these hair extensions?best type of Hair Extensions

These are a real human hair or synthetic fiber hair which almost looks real which is placed very near to your scalp. They add extra volume and thickness to your hair. Hair extensions are especially useful for those people who are not able to grow long hair naturally.

But with hair extensions you can achieve the desired locks without any difficulty.These weaves or extensions can last as long as complete year. Some are for short term.

You can wash these hair extensions and do other hair styling processes like conditioning, coloring and drying. Therefore getting the type of extensions that are perfect match for your hair and personality is very important.


Locks as long as you desire, in the color you want, without the headaches of traditional hair extensions! Plus, no heat and no tools means no damage to your hair!

Studio 11 uses Hotheads hair extensions, a revolutionary invention in the hair care industry. Made of human hair, these weft adhesive extensions are applied without heat or harsh tools! The extensions are designed to lay seamlessly and totally undetectable within your hair, creating an eye-catching final look.


Hotheads hair extensions are designed with the hair cuticle intact and can be reapplied up to 3 times. You will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear out of every application. This means you’ll have full, luscious hair for an average of 6 months or more.


• Gentle on the hair and scalp.

• The color options are natural, rich, and high/lowlights are a breeze.

• They lay so flat and seamlessly that no one will notice their presence.

• Takes less time to apply than other hair extensions. Less than one hour!

Easy to style and looks completely natural.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Depending upon the application technique of these hair extensions on to your scalp these are known as glue in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, permanent hair extensions, sewn in hair extensions or braided in hair extensions. So these weaves can be applied by glued in, woven in, braided in or clipped in. Also these are applied by fusion technology.

Clip on or Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extension are not the permanent in nature and these are very convenient to apply and carry. In clip in hair extensions there are small clips sewn into hair weft. Clips are snapped into the natural hair. These can be worn whole day and night but must be removed before you are to sleep.

Fusion Hair Extensions

In these extensions fusion method is used give you one of the best natural looking weaves. Here a machine something just like a hot glue gun attaches real human hair extensions to individual strands of your natural hair on nearly 1/8 to 1/4 inch squared segments for almost original real look.

It can also be applied using hair which is pre tipped with a keratin adhesive and then this adhesive is melted by a heat clamp and attaches hair extensions to your natural hair. Advantage of these fusion extensions is that you can wash your hair regularly allows.

Also you can use other hair styling products even you can straighten them also. But this technique has some disadvantages like it takes lot of time and the glue may cause some damage to your hair.

Micro loop or Micro rings hair extensions

This type of hair extensions apply small metal rings lined with silicone on to the hair extension. These rings or loops are attached to small sections of your natural hairs and are tightened by clamping the loop around the natural hair with the help of a tool.

The micro loops are so small that normal eyes cannot spot them. They need to be repositioned once in 2-3 months because the micro loops are pushed away as the natural hair grows. These hair extensions are less damaging as they do not use glue or heat treatments.

Weave in hair extensions

In this type of extensions the natural hair is braided tightly and very close to your scalp and then the weft is sewn into the braided hair. This is easy way to apply fake extensions and also very easy to take care of just like your natural hair. These extensions take long time. These can last for long time but these are not cheap.

Netting Hair Extensions

Here the netting involves braiding of natural tresses under a thin, airy net that acts as a flat surface onto which extensions can be weaved in. It needs hair net or cap to be placed over hair that has been braided. It takes less time as compared to other fake extensions application methods.

Review of best hair extensions 2016


The above chart contains number of popular hair extensions but some of them are reviewed here. To buy the best extensions you just have to ascertain your requirements and select the one of these best hair extensions.

18 Inch Dark Brown Tape in Premium Remy Human Hair Extensions

best clip in hair extensionsThis is a 20 pieces set weighing only 40 grams. These 18 inch weaves are tape in hair extensions from renowned Remy brand.

It is a great value for money option.It is very easy to put on as it takes only around 30 minutes. You can even dye them with a color.

If you need more length then you need to buy two units that is 40 pieces set. These are one of best tape in hair extensions.

These weaves have received user rating of 4 stars and will cost you only about $30.

To buy and know more click 18 Inch Color 02 Dark Brown Tape in Premium Remy Human Hair Extensions

20″ Styleable Soft Waves Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson

glue in hair extensionsThis 20″ weave is a one piece clip in hair extensions from Jessica Simpson hairdo.

These are made up of heat friendly synthetic hair which can be styled easily.

Top to bottom length is nearly 20 inches. This is a best clip in hair extensions for making great medium length weaves at your own.

These are very affordable hair extensions but with great quality. It converts your natural hair into long and luscious locks.

It has got user rating of 3.8 stars and it is priced around $30. To know more about this extension and buy click 20″ Styleable Soft Waves Hair Extensions

TRESSMATCH 20″-22″ Remy(remi) Human Hair Clip in Extensions Off Black

weft hair extensionsThis is a remy human hair clip in hair extensions having length of about 20-22 inch. It is a 9 pieces full head set and it weighs around 120 grams.

It can be styled and treated like your natural hair. You can wash them, curl them and straighten them.

It is very useful in adding volume and length for people having fine and thin hair.

These hair weaves are thick, smooth and silky which match perfectly with your shoulder length hair. This is also one of the best clip in hair extensions available at this price category.

These hair weaves have been give user ratings of 4 stars and are available at $93. To buy and see more reviews click TRESSMATCH® 20″-22″ Remy(remi) Human Hair Clip in Extensions